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Mold and Die Design sequence suggestions needed

Question asked by Nagendra M. on Dec 1, 2016

Hi all, in my office we received a project to make a Die and mold design for plastic threaded cap bottle cap(like coca cola bottle cap) for spare use. actually that molds and dies from other country they bought. so they need spare mold and die which can manufactured by local company to use spare components. that's why they need a 2D drawings for that. so my difficult task in that designing are cap threading,embosses, grooves etc., so can we design mold and die by using solidworks mold design tools.they just need a replica of what they main question is that shrinkage factors needed or not for designing purpose? i think no need because we just need to make replica, if it is a new design for new cap then we have to know shrinkage and allowance factors etc.,actually its not my project. my enthusiasm makes me to ask this question.that project head designing sequence is like this" they take step file by 3D scanning of the cap and then they make the mold and die design by measuring dimension of the step file" but i think its not safest designing sequence. so i suggested him to use mold design tools in solidworks but he said that "mold design tools is only for casting purpose design" so please let me know whether his sequence correct or wrong and also give us your valuable designing sequence suggestions.Thanks in advance.