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Annotation Scale Different Than Geometry

Question asked by Jeremiah Daniels on Nov 30, 2016

I have an AutoCAD file that I imported and linked into a SolidWorks drawing.  It was fine months ago.  It behaved as expected.  Some revisions came about this week and I had to redo much of the work (long story).  Anyway, now when I insert (import) the .dwg file and link it, the text in the drawing is scaled differently than all of the corresponding geometry.


I've tried the following fixes:

Explode all blocks and purged the AutoCAD .dwg file.

Make all of the entities a single block.

Saveas AutoCAD v12 dxf file


The result is always the same.


The AutoCAD.png file is how it is supposed to look.

The SolidWorks.png file is how it is coming in.  (Notice how all of the text is scaled differently than the geometry)


I'm at a loss as to how to fix the darn thing!