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Hi Res 15.6" screen SW2016 Win10 rather useless.

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Nov 30, 2016

Like many I am struggling with getting SW2016 to be usable on my 15.6" screen at its native resolution, despite claims that SW2016 is fully scale-able, as soon as I opened it I see that it is not as described and not fit for purpose.

Lots of issues are listed in various forums, but nobody seems to have reported my issue of overlapping text in the file explorer window, which is where I access all my data from the Workgroup PDM vault. Its pretty much unuseable.

My VAR has no 4k screens .

They have reported this issue to SW.

The issue with the constraint icons being small is a known issue. no claims for improved 4k screen performance have been made for 2017, because of course 4 k screen issues were solved in 2016

PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME to drop workgroup PDM, it is "supported" until the end of 2017, and I have to try to find the budget for the Solidworks ransom charge to retain access to our own data. I hope this issue is not a deliberate ploy to hurry up with the ransom payment!


Anyone else see this issue? is it only vault users who use this file explorer window?

My laptop: Dell precision 5510 with M1000M and 15.6" at 3840x2160 using the approved driver freshly downloaded from SW website, the first time I have ever had a system with the exact model listed as approved, passing all tests without issue! - yeh, right...

I haven't even got as far as extruding any geometry, its a very disappointing experience.


scaling is at 250% here (recommended). The text overlap is almost gone at 150% but that is far too small. The text stops being legible at about 175%, too small to read easily. If this particular text was not scaled at all I'd use the magnifier and the software would be use-able, but this scaling of text but not line spacing is rather disastrous and I dint find any sort of solution yet.

I also cannot find an app to quickly toggle between screen resolutions, not one that works on windows10. Its way too many clicks work it by changing the resolution constantly.


sw2016 at 4k.jpg