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Ordinate dimensions are misplaced and show wrong value when updating flat pattern.

Question asked by Cody Munk on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by Cody Munk

     When updating a flat pattern with new ordinate dimensions using "Add to Ordinate", the new dimensions all stack up in one random place and give random values.  See attached.  When selecting the highlighted four holes (added during revision) we get the highlighted dimensions.  Each value is off by .25" in this case and they all point to the same featureless random point (about .25 off of zero in this case).  Starting a new ordinate series works as it should sometimes, other times we have to create a new flat pattern view and re-detail.  Adding linear dimensions worked in this case, sometimes even they are wrong.  The holes were added by editing an existing sketch/cut feature.  Ctrl+Q only changes the suspect dims to dangling.  This is reoccurring and happens on multiple PCs with multiple sheet metal parts.  Any help or work-around ideas would be appreciated.  SW2016 SP4.0 & SP5.0