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    Prototype lab wishlist for semi-office setting?

    Dan Bertschi

      Hey Everyone!


      I will soon have the opportunity to do something many of us dream of... building a prototype lab for mechanical/electronic product development.  I have my own short wish list, with a few items noted below.  I'd really enjoy hearing what you'd include! There may be tools/software/equipment that I've never seen & would love to have in the shop.  We are converting a closed 12' x 15' office that is attached to the main office area.  So, loud & smelly items may be a concern.  I do have a door, and a LARGE window into the main office area.  Yes, it's a fish-bowl, so I will have to behave myself, no explosions  .


      I'd like the benches & shelving to look really nice, I think this will be a functional 'show-off' area.  If any of you know of some quality benches & storage systems, let me know.  Milk crates, concrete blocks, & 2 x 10s just won't do...  (as much as I like to use them )


      Let me know what you'd put in your dream R&D/prototype shop!  Keeping in mind, most of our products will fit in a briefcase, small mechanical/electronic items.


      Initial list:

      Adjustable/configurable work benches.

      Shelving units & bins for parts & material stock storage

      Storage organization 'Per Project', maybe larger bins

      3D printers (FDM & SLA)

      Small CNC mill/lathe (Sherline)

      Well stocked tool box

      Wheeled Cart to move things to/from shop area


      Anything too large/loud/smelly could be located in our shop area.


      Thanks for your input!  I'll update this thread with before & after pics.  Hopefully, it will help & inspire others!