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    SolidWorks Simulation on a GPU

    Vignesh Subramaniam



      I'm running SolidWorks 2016 on a workstation with two Intel Xeon E5-2620 @ 2GHz processors (12 cores), 32GB RAM and two GPUs: NVidia Quadro 6000 and Tesla C2075. I want to speed up my Solidworks simulations. Currently, it seems to use only the CPUs. Is there a way to use the GPUs for computation or graphical tasks? Any improvement from what I have now will be great!


      Thanks in advance for the help.

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          Bill McEachern

          not saying this fits your situation but I have helped people that had jobs that took days and we got them down to low numbers of minutes with some modeling technique help. Avoiding no penetration contacts can save enormous time and there are ways to avoid or minimize them and still maintain the same load transmission paths. You may have other issues and maybe hardware is the way to go but frequently it is not the best approach.

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              Matt Taylor

              Hi Bill,


              Sorry, very slow catching up on the forums

              However, I do agree with your reply, and I am very acutely aware of how to speed-up the simulation, but I have to do a lot of parametric studies. These can take upwards of 10 days to complete.

              Sadly, unlike  Vignesh I only have a single 6 core Xeon, so to be able to crunch the numbers on a GPU would make my task soooooo much quicker.

              As the whole process is very repetitive, it would be ideally suited to GPU's .

              I have several enhancement request with SolidWorks at the mo, but they all get ignored.

              Must be too busy with playing with the colours lol

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              Julien Boissat

              Hello Vignesh,


              You may be interested in reading these:

              1. How good is your system? Simulation Performance Benchmark Test in SOLIDWORKS 2016

              By Jay Seaglar

              SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – March 2016


              2. Hardware recommendations for SOLIDWORKS Simulation

              By Jay Seaglar

              SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – July 2015


              As previously mentioned, solution time can usually be saved by fine tuning the study setup (solver selection, contact definition, mesh density, other study options, etc.) Replacing your computer for a "better" one should not typically be the default option.


              This being said, you may be interested in adding yourself to the notification list for the enhancement request number 594233  entitled "Support of GPU hardware (Tesla C2070) for Simulation for faster analysis"