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DXF Mapping Tool, Only Map Entities that are not on Layer, and Bend Lines

Question asked by Brian Smith on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by Brian Smith

I am attempting to use the DXF Mapping tool and I am running into issues with bend lines for sheet metal parts.


The tool works perfectly when I do not have "Only map entities that are not on SolidWorks layers" checked. I have a "Bend" layer and it picks up the line layer entity centerline.


I have been requested by our laser cutter to have different text items on different layers so that a note that defines attributes of the part are on one layer and bend note is on a different layer. So without knowing a better way to do this turning on "Only map entities that are not on Solidworks Layer" seemed like the best option.


But when I do this, the bend line does not get applied to any layer. It goes to the 0 layer, changes its color to green, and changes the line type to Center X2.




(Grey are tangent lines which are for something else)