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How do you create non associative floating planes?

Question asked by Ryan Spear on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by John Burrill

I have a customer who sent me a step file bracket made in Catia and their part ended up being difficult and expensive to tool and make. I want to remodel the bracket over the current one but make a portion of it more simple and different. I want to make planes off some of their geometry but I don't want the plane associated to that geometry because I plan on deleting the imported part in the end and don't want all my plane with that exclamation on them. I am also modeling in car position a good 3-4 meters from 0,0,0 within an assembly of parts so the 0,0,0 planes are useless. I have to be able to easily move surfaces around to ensure a couple modules that will attach to the bracket will fit in the given space with enough clearance to other parts. I need to be able to move plane around with the attached sketches. Can I even do this in Solidworks?