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[QUESTION] Is it necessary to use exact the same model in simulating our actual prototype that does have piping connections(e.g. valves, pumps etc)?

Question asked by Ian Kasai on Nov 30, 2016
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I was just wondering if it is a must to use the same exact model as the actual prototype that we have to get an accurate result?
Because in my case, I didn't consider the pumps, the valves, as well as how long the pipes that lie between the solar collector and the heat exchanger. Will it affect the results in flow simulation? Or is it okay to assume that there is no friction loss in pipes and etc.?


Model for flow simulation: (Heat exchanger: left , Solar collector: Right)
Assuming the sunlight is purely projected at the solar collector




ACTUAL PROTOTYPE (solar collector titled at 45 degrees)



You can clearly see that there are valves, temp gauges as well as pump and ELBOWS, however we didn't consider that in our solidworks model. We also didn't consider how long the pipings are in our solidworks model for simulation.