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Part Revison in assembly document

Question asked by roberto gennari on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by roberto gennari

I would like to understand how powers do to manage revisions in the parts without a PDM


All the part in the open assembly are open read-only property.



When the user changes one way and then save the assembly, I would appear a custom message to tell me:

  1. File read-only, you want to create a revision of the part?
  2. If the user presses the button it, I'm going to remove the  read-only property using Windows Api ,and after  rename the file under review and subject.


I would skip the standard SolidWorks message that tells me that the component is read-only.

Is it  the right way works with the FileSaveAsNotify2 event?

How can I don't to pass to the event FileSaveNotify and exit before it?


For the rename session I have not  problems


Thanks a lot