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Cannot rotate a part about a fixed axis by a certain number of degrees

Question asked by Dmitry Ponomarev on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by Doug Seibel

Sorry, this is a really simple question about the ever frustrating interface of Solidworks 2013.


If I choose Move Component->Rotate Component in an Assembly


I can rotate the Component by Delta XYZ by the right number of degrees but this rotation is limited to rotating around the origin axis.


I want to do a rotation About Entity. I can pick the axis I want to rotate about, but the solidworks interface only allows me to rotate with Standard Drag, Collision Detection, or Physical Dynamics.

I want to instead be able to rotate 180 degrees About my axis, but I cannot do this with free drag as it gives me an inaccurate rotation.


How do I rotate by a certain number of degrees about an axis I choose?