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How to make the drawing "Link to Property" feature update scale value outputs as drawing view scales are adjusted?

Question asked by Kevin Piper on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by Kevin Piper

I'm sorry if this is answered, I couldn't find a great way to search for an answer to this question to find a solution but I'm sure it has been mentioned previously.  When linking to properties via the note feature in drawings, the scale link is linked to whatever scale the part is originally sized to when you import it into the drawing.  Adjusting the scale of the part in the drawing does not change the "link to property" scale value.  Is it possible to set this property to change as you adjust the scale?  Or is there another property for that situation that I'm missing?  Attached are 2 images to illustrate my question in case I'm not being clear enough.  Thanks.