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    replicated server works only one way?

    Jeff Corbran

      EPDM Replicated server.  Working from Source Archive Server to Replicated server.  From Replicated Server to source Archive Server not working.  We are on a VPN and this has been working fine.  We have issues when clients at the Replicated server location try to log into the EPDM Vault.  Sometimes works, sometimes doesnt.  When working, very slow and replication on demand (which we use often) will usually crash the EPDM session.  Replication testing shows the same results.  Works fine one way only.  Archive to Replicated is good.  Replicated to Archive, not good.  We have examined all of our network connections, resources, we upgraded RAM. 

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          Charley Saint

          Could be a lot of things unfortunately. I'd start with DNS, can you ping the source server by name from the replicated site? You might want to look into setting everything up to work on IP addresses only, it's in the installation guide Install Media\Support\Guides\Installation Guide.pdf under the chapter: "How to setup PDMWorks®  Enterprise to communicate using IP addresses only"