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    Drawing Not Showing Coil Loops Correctly

    Keaton Warn

      Title says it all. I've attached a screen shot of part of the coil drawing.


      I've made different drawing files from the coil assembly, but each one seems to show the same error of not putting lines around every loop of the coil. The coil assembly as a whole is comprised part files of shorter coil segments mated into one longer coil. If I take a part file of a section of the coil  and make a drawing from that, Solidworks renders the coil loops incorrectly so that some random portions have no edges in the drawing.


      Zooming in using the mouse wheel doesn't make the "invisible" coil lines appear.


      The lines (or lack thereof) appear in PDF or eDraw files (made from the flawed Solidworks drawing) just like they do in the Solidworks assembly drawing; the same random chunks of coil have no lines.


      Changing the image quality settings under Options -> Document Properties -> Image Quality doesn't seem to help either, even though immediately after changing the settings, temporary "rebuilding" lines appear to be in the correct places for a few short seconds. What else could I try to make the assembly drawing correctly represent the coil assembly?

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          Bjorn Hulman

          Hi Keaton,

          Looks like you've modelled the coil so the surfaces touch? SW will have a hard time with that and give you that kind of result. Try making the diameter material so that the faces are slightly offset.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            Is there any chance the coils are overlapping just a small amount?  That's what it looks like.  Even if they're coincident you might get that result.  Can you edit your model so there's a very small gap between the coils?


            You might also try a Ctrl+Q rebuild, or switching back and forth between view types (Hidden Lines Visible, Hidden Lines Removed, etc.), but I think editing the model is your best shot.


            If that doesn't work can you post the model here?

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              Christopher Estelow

              This is a shot in the dark.....Try right clicking on the drawing view and click Tangent Edge and then select Tangent Edges Visible.



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                Daen Hendrickson

                I am using SW2014 SP5.


                I recreated a simple coil (see attached). Interesting that the front view shows the coils correctly but the top view does not... These views are the SW Standard Three Views.


                However, I was able to get the top view to display the individual coils by increasing the "Wireframe and high quality HLR.HLV resolution" setting. But notice the artifacts in the ISO view caused by this... I eventually found a setting (through trial and error) that produced good results in both the TOP and ISO views - but then added artifacts to the FRONT view.


                EDIT: I kept bumping the "resolution" setting and eventually achieve NO artifacts in all views. A very tedious process. The "Improve Curve Quality at Higher Settings" check box seemed to have no affect in this case.





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                    Keaton Warn

                    Daen, that's interesting. I just played around some more with those settings to see if I missed something before. I can get the front view close to looking exactly how it should, but even if I max out the Wireframe resolution setting, I still get a few errors. It is better though. If I turn the Wireframe resolution down, I get more errors.


                    Interestingly, after adding that circle in the part file that Bjorn suggested, toggling through the Tangent menu options seems to randomly change which loops look correct and which loops appear partially invisible.


                    Coil Drawing Render Problem Progress 1.jpg

                    If I push the Wireframe all the way to the right, I only get the blank section in the middle.


                    Increasing the helix pitch seemed to help a lot, but because of the nature of the project I don't want to adjust it as far out as I had to so that the invisible loops were fixed.


                    Still not fixed, but some of this stuff seems to be affecting it.

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                        Daen Hendrickson

                        Keaton, to get all of my views to display correctly, I literally bumped the setting one notch at a time (seems to be a 'notch' on and between each tick mark). This was the tedious part.


                        I tried modifying the part geometry to see if I could 'break' the views again. They continued to display correctly with some random adjustments to the helix size and pitch.


                        One major difference is that my model is a single part and body. Your additional complexity may be affecting the view generation differently.

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                            Keaton Warn

                            Daen: "One major difference is that my model is a single part and body. Your additional complexity may be affecting the view generation differently."


                            I'm beginning to think this is the problem. I considered it earlier, but wanted to explore more options. While I think it's a bit silly to have this kind of error due to a few assembly mates, it makes sense. As I stated earlier, if I take one of the coil sections and make a drawing for it, it doesn't display the problem at all. I tried making a new assembly of just the basic subsections of coil, and that seemed to work fine, which is strange. I did try a different mating method than what I originally used though.


                            I'm going to try a few different things with the mates tomorrow and see if that helps. I'll update this thread with my results then.

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                        Jhon García

                        Tengo el mismo problema hace un tiempo y no he podido solucionarlo. Trabajo para una empresa de que presta servicio en ingeniería e instalaciones eléctricas https://www.iieingenieria.com y la verdad no he podido solucionarlo. Gracias desde ya si nos pueden colaborar.

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                          Keaton Warn

                          I found a workaround.


                          First, I tried adjusting the mates to be simpler, but this didn't help.


                          However, if I make an extruded cut in the assembly to get rid of the section of the model that I don't need for a particular view, it works for that view. As an example, if you want a front view, cut the back half of the model away. Do not remove the back half of the loops on the ends of the coil, since these are still visible from the front view.


                          Coil View Solution.jpg


                          Using this method isn't preferable since a different configuration with a corresponding extruded cut has to be set up for each view, but it still might be better than trying to rebuild the assembly without a guaranteed result depending on how complicated your assembly is.


                          The drawing doesn't get rid of loop lines now. Yes, it's more complicated to set up the different views in the drawing, but at least it looks correct.

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                            John Stoltzfus

                            What I found to fix this once in awhile is to change the "Display Style" from "Hidden Lines Removed" to "Hidden Lines Visible"