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anyone out there with problems in mapping Logitech mouse buttons to SWX shortcuts?

Question asked by Ulrich Hanisch on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by Ulrich Hanisch

Hi all. I´m using my Logitech mouse for years and have customized some mappings from mouse buttons to SWX shortcuts inside of SetPoint. Two weeks ago, I got some problems in using this: directly after installing the SetPoint software, the mapping works in SWX perfectly. But right after the first reboot of my PC, only the middle mouse button rotates my SWX model, all other shortcuts (one mouse button for S key, one for D key, one for R key ...) are not working in SWX! In all other apps such as notepad etc, they work also after the first reboot ... has anyone similar experiences with SetPoint and SWX? Or some approach to fix this?

PS: I´ve tried 2 different laptops, 2 different SWX release versions, 2 different mouse types, 2 different mouse samples, 2 different OS ... and I´m a little bit frustrated by this :-)