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    How do I denote a wild card set of Characters?

    Farzad Sidhva

      The following is the beginning of my code



      Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

              Set swModel_1 = swApp.ActiveDoc

              Path = swModel_1.GetPathName

              Debug.Print Path


                  If Path = "C:\EXAMPLE\000s\MODELS\pro*.SLDASM" Then




      This is just a test. I want it to recognize if the filepath of the file I am opening is "C:\EXAMPLE\000s\MODELS\property test.SLDASM" (it works when I remove the asterisk and have the full file path). I am having trouble with the wildcard character though. In most other applications and asterisk is used to denote any set of characters. This is apparently not the case. I did some searching and found that a % is what can be used instead of an asterisk.

      2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - FileName Property (IEdmSearch5)

      This did not work either. Any ideas on what the character may be?


      Thank you for your time and help,


      Farzad Sidhva