Dan Mogridge

Mold tools troubleshooting

Discussion created by Dan Mogridge on Oct 15, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2008 by Matt Lombard
Hi all, I have recently tried to get involved with the mold tools on Solidworks and I have been working through the tutorial that is available. However I have found that if you either go to edit the shut-off surface feature or tooling split for that matter you have to wait a seriously long time for the feature to either load if your waiting to edit it or rebuild if you have editted it with the computer changing from responsive and non-responsive the whole time. I have tried un-ticking the 'show preview' and it makes pretty much no difference!
Currently using SW 2008 SP4 - I was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same problems as this is a simple part to tool, meaning that complex multi side-core tools would be out of the question using this?