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Convert a .JT File to something Useful

Question asked by Damien Petty on Nov 27, 2016

Hi Guys.

I have recently discovbered a .JT File.! May I assume it is ok to post a link here? As it is downloadable directly from the Manufacturers own website.

It is simply provided as a visual aid to assist a body-builder./designer demonstrate equipment fit behind the cabin.

I post here in the hope that someone here will have appropriate software to convert this file into a .step, .iges, Parasolid, etc. Anything that solidworks (2014) can use.

(If that is even possible)

Provided this request doesn't breach any propriety regulations, and assuming someone here is willing/able to convert it for me, I will (or will not) post the file upon reciept of a reply one way or another.