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Need someone for air simulation job $

Question asked by Sam Smk on Nov 27, 2016

I am trying to do an airflow simulation on an open system but it's not working with solid works


I tried to close the whole system but it did not really work.


I am looking for someone who would be interested on working for me to do it for a fair price


Attached is the project I am working on, it's a solar panel and on top of the solar panel there's a pipe with holes in it attached to an air tank.


The air is supposed to be pumped out of the holes and clean the solar panel.


The air velocity is 13 m/s and the pressure should be above 50 - 60 psi


You can choose to do the simulation on what ever software you choose (Solidworks, Ansys, etc) I only need a simulation video showing that the experiment is successful with results.


If you are interested contact me on this Email