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Drawing holes centerlines creation (on side views)

Question asked by Dariusz Karcz on Nov 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2016 by Dariusz Karcz

Hello dear SW Api community,


I have a need to create centerlines in all views apart of front view, for now i see two methods to do so:


1.) Create automatic centerlines on view insert: this method however have drawbacks - it creates centerlines at places that are not intended to (I need to have centerlines on holes only), messing with options did not make any differences.


2.) When on drawing page, running following run command: swCommands_InsertDetailCenterLine, this method have another drawbacks:

          a). Mouse cursor moves a 1/4 of a screen to the left

          b). I need to click "select view" in feature manager at autoinsert section

          c). I need to click view in drawing view to create centerlines


Question is:

Is there an API command to create centerlines on selected features (holes)?

if not, is there an option to "select view" in feature manager after running swCommands_InsertDetailCenterLine command?