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Macro to resolve Sheet Metal "Thickness" Variable Error

Question asked by Ian McKenzie on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by Nilesh Patel

Our company uses a lot of custom sheet metal components, and we've historically used Solidworks' sheet metal functionality to model these parts. All of our old part models have the Sheetmetal's "Thickness" variable as well as a custom variable that's directly linked to that value called "Plate Thickness". At some point in recent Solidworks history, the developers decided the best resolution for some software bugs was to restrict variable naming such that now all our old models randomly (for some reason this doesn't happen immediately or all the time) throw errors and complain about the variable naming.

Our resolution for this issue has been to change "Thickness" to "Thick" - first going into the sheet metal's dimension properties and changing the name and then going to "Manage Equations" in the part and changing the custom variable's reference to "=Thick" instead of "=Thickness". This happens a lot and is a huge waste of time for large assemblies.

Does anyone know if this process can be automated such that I can open the parts one-by-one, hit a hotkey, and have the variable naming correct itself? (or better yet, a solution that goes through all the parts in an assembly automatically would be even better).



EDIT: Added a couple part files to illustrate the problem and resolution.