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    Add Smart Component not working

    Colin Poushay

      I am trying to insert a PEM fastener into an assembly document. My assembly document consists of one panel with a hole in it. Here is what my code looks like:


                 String pemDoc = "C:\\swPEMS\\SP-832-1.SLDPRT";

                  int errors = 99;

                  int warnings = 99;

                 ModelDoc2 pemModelDoc =   app.OpenDoc6(pemDoc, 1, 1, "", ref errors, ref warnings);


                 var pemAdded = assemblyDocument.AddSmartComponent(pemDoc, x , y  z);


      I can't figure out why 'AddSmartComponent' is returning null. As far as I can tell I have done things correctly; the pem  part document opens, and it contains Mate References.


      I can add it to the assembly using the 'AddComponent' method, it's just the addSmartComponent method that does not work.