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Custom Toolbox item properties & costing

Question asked by Andrew Davey on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2020 by Ahmet Sayrugaç

I am setting up my own toolbox library of our standard fixings.

Some I have copied from existing, some I am building, but the ones I am making have none of the Standard Properties as per the ones already in the library (shots attached).


Where do I add this info (size, length, thread data etc)? and how do I include standard items and my own ones in costings?  It seems insistent to cost screws and bolts as if they were milled components and not just off the shelf components.  Is there a table I can update my complete component list with costs in one place without having to adjust all the individual configurations etc?

It seems as though it is not possible to create fully functional toolbox items from scratch with all the data, especially a cost.


Screenshot 1.JPG

Screenshot 2.JPG