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Derived sketch to retain same position of Original Part

Question asked by Kuselan Ml on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by Bjorn Hulman


As i am newbie to SolidWorks.

Please someone give me suggestion how to derive a sketch form another part so that the derived sketch should retain the same position of original part [coordinates x,y,z of assembly with part(sketch to derive) and coordinates x,y,z of part(to derive sketch) should be same].

Suppose the sketch to be derived is not in origin planes, say to be in user plane of different orientation. When we need that sketch in a new part, how to derive it. Because the new part do not have any reference plane to derive it.


Is there any workflow to derive sketch without selecting the sketch of another part and the plane in current part.

Thanks in Advance