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Library weld prep feature parts

Question asked by Mark Greenwell on Nov 25, 2016



I am looking to see if library feature parts will do the following; automatically create weld preps along an edge when the edge is selected


Example if I have a 25mm thick plate we would use an unequal (60% / 40%) double vee). So for example if I drag this 60% / 40% Double Vee Weld for the library on to an edge of a plate it would automatically create the correct weld prep detail.


Or would it have to be the face of the plate I would need to select


This vee weld would also have to increase in size as we would use this feature on plates that range in size between 25 - 50mm


Would this be possible to set up using a library feature part?


Below is an example of a 30mm double vee with the dimensions. 60% of 30= 18, and 40% of 30 =12





Mark (SolidWorks 2017 sp0)