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Replace vault file with new external file, keep old data card?

Question asked by Kris Bunda on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by John Layne

Anyone know a slick way to accept updated copies of files (from our external partner), then batch dump them in the Vault to overwrite the old files, but have those new copies retain the old data card values?


In other words:

  • Is there a way to write a script or process where we take updated vendor files (Creo and/or PDFs),
  • maybe dump them in a "quarantine" folder,
  • push a button or initiate "File Compare" process, whereby PDM looks for vault files with the same filenames as in our "quarantine" folder,
  • then use "Copy Tree" process (or something) to copy the old Vault file's data card to the new file,
  • then import the new file to overwrite the old one?


Or if that's absurd: any other way to batch update vault files from newer external copies, without eradicating the data card values? (We already know how to manually copy/paste).