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Callback Interface for IEdmBatchGet (i.e. IEdmGetOpCallback)

Question asked by Greg Thomson on Nov 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Lee CS Young

I've implemented the callback interface IEdmGetOpCallback for the IEdmBatchGet interface and submitting it with my call to IEdmBatchGet.GetFiles().


All seems to be working well as I get callbacks to ProgressBegin() and ProgressEnd(), but I don't seem to be getting any calls to ProgressStep() ?  I copied the interface specification directly from the interface, so I don't believe I have any syntactical or other errorsin my code.  Its just not getting called?


I was wondering if anyone else has seen this?  Is this normal behavior?  Should I be using IEdmBatchGet2 or IEdmGetOpCallback2 or 3 instead?


Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.  PregressStep() is where all the real progress information is fed back to the user.



EPDM 2016 SP3