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SW 2017 Camera Problems

Question asked by Tristan Riley on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by Andy Braham

I'm trying to render a model. I set up a camera, but when I try to set my view orientation to it the screen rotates to the correct angle, but is zoomed out. It doesn't work any better in Two View - Vertical display, but it does work on Two View - Horizontal (first 2 screenshots).


When I try to render the bottom camera view, it just zooms way out again. I've tried integrated preview, preview window and final render, and all of them do this. When I pick Integrated Preview it just spins its wheels trying to resolve, but never finishes (last screenshot). I can reset the view back to my camera while it's doing this and the preview finishes resolving, but as soon as I Final Render it just zooms away again.


Anyone experiencing something like this? I just upgraded from 2015 so I hope this isn't working as intended.