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BOM Issuses in PDM - missing icons, missing BOM, etc...

Question asked by Wojciech Paterski on Nov 23, 2016
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So we work on PDM Enterprise and very often we have something like that with bom - that they have missin icons of parts or assemblies which means we can't send BOM until it's sorted out and sorting out means we have to check assembly out and sometimes it's just hide show bom and in worse cases it needs BOM deleted and new inserted.

After sorting the problem BOM looks like that and then we can send it.

Does other have similar problems, had them and know how to repair it permamently.


Another thing is very oftern in drop down list for BOMs we have more than one BOM to choose, but there is only one BOM in assembly, it looks like it's adding them when one is deleted and new one inserted.