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Help slove a problem with autoBalloon

Question asked by Duy Minh on Nov 23, 2016

I have a problem with a fuction autoBalloon when choose the type of UpperTextContent is swBalloonTextCutlistProperties ,please see my video. When i run the macro, the Balloons are created but not show the UpperText that i choosed, (it just show when i finished run the macro and choose agian) . this is my code to create the Balloon, please hepl me to fix it. Thank you !




Set autoballoonParams = swDraw.CreateAutoBalloonOptions()

vNotes = swDraw.AutoBalloon4(swDetailingBalloonLayout_Square, True, swBS_None, 2, 8, WMTable.GetColumnTitle(1), 1, Empty, "-None-", True)


( WMTable.GetColumnTitle(1) = "PART NUMBER" )