Design Table Data Incorrect for Weld Neck Flanges in SW2009.

Discussion created by 1-FDJ86L on Oct 14, 2008
While working on a custom design table for CG style gaskets, etc this weekend I had the opportunity to review the layout and construction of the design table for weld neck flanges included in SW2009. I found that the hub (Raised Face dia) diameters do not match with ASME B16.5 specs.

Typical example.

For 3" CL150 RFWN the RF Diameter should be 5.0 inch. The design table shows it as 4.25 dia. The sealing element (spiral wound) portion of the gasket has a OD of 4 3/4" and ID of 4.0 in. Not very close at all when you need a sealing surface!

This isn't a huge deal. I will correct the design table in our copy of SW2009SP0 and make it available for all when done. Will upload to 3DCC as well.

I will also have a full design table for CG Style 'Flexitallic' gaskets soon too.
Forgings like LWN, HB, V1, V2, V3 will be coming shortly too.