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Updating parts and assemblies to new version

Question asked by Gary Lucas on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by Kevin Pymm

So we just moved from 2015 to 2017. Part of the reason was in the hope of getting better performance as we move from working on parts to working on entire jobs with multiple large skid assemblies. So far 2017 does seem substantially faster.  I hope the decision to load an SP0 version doesn't bite us.


In the past using SolidEdge there was a macro called OpenSave.  This macro would run through the entire SW folder opening every part, assembly, and drawing, then save it in the new format.  As I understand it this saves time because parts don't have to be translated every time you open an assembly or drawing containing them. I did this multiple times and it did improve performance.  Is there a SW variation of this macro?


Another related question.  In SolidEdge parts or assemblies could be identified as Released.  A released part could no longer be modified as it was no longer a collection of features, instead it was a surface model.  SolidEdge then spent no time checking if a part was up to date, by definition it had to be. As a feature model a part is really compact and takes up very little space.  As a surface model only it is a huge file, but it requires no computational time so that also really speeds things up. I actually went through the entire SolidEdge folder at my last job releasing all the purchase parts we never modify and the results were very worthwhile.  We always kept one master part with all the geometry so we could create a new similar part.  Released parts also guarantee no one has accidently changed a feature on a part that corrupts an assembly its used in.  Is there an equivalent feature like this in SW?