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Pack and Go

Question asked by Saravana Perumal Subramoniam on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by Scott Slovik

Hi.. I am facing a situation where i need support from experts.

I have a big assembly in E-pdm server. I did pack and go the entire assembly into my local drive. I did this because i am new to Epdm environment and not confident enough to work on it.

I started creating many new parts and assemblies.

Now i want these new parts to go into the server. so again i did pack and go option for those particular assemblies. When doing pack and go, it drags all the related components like fasteners and other standard components along with it.

I tried checkin those new components, its showing error as the other standard components are already available in the server.

In my past experience with windchill, i do "update" for those particular components.

Here i cant able to find such option and as of now i am redoing all the assembly using the components from the server and its very time consuming.Please suggest some ideas to save time here..