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    Sensor read out

    Peter De Vlieger

      I got a volume and a mass sensor in a PRT that is in an ASM.

      Is there a way so as to have those data displayed in a drawing and if so how?


      Some things are just so easy at times for instance the manner of getting an equation on an ASM level depending on values that are in equations in a PRT is very simply and I found out by just doing what comes natural. But getting the sensor data on a DRW I just can't figure out. Any and all help is much appreciated.

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          John Stoltzfus

          You can insert "Center of Mass" into a part or a assembly,



          Then you can show or hide it



          Then you can add a sketch in the assembly at the center of mass and show it in the drawing


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              Peter De Vlieger

              Thank you John but I guess I didn't formulate my problem clearly.


              It isn't that I want to see the centre of mass on the drawing but that I want to display the amount of mass (or volume) in a note or hooked up to a table or dim. Something that displays the amount.

              Either one will do. I don't mind if it's by a round about way, e.g. to have the sensor data being read by a custom property or linked to an equation or whatever.


              It sure would be very beneficial if for no other reason that it gives me a quick verification that all is within the set out requirements.