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    Print multiple workfiles in least amount of time

    K. V.

      I have an assembly with a lot of parts we have in stock and a few that we make custom. some of the stock parts will be used while others are used in other configurations. Is there any easy way i can print all those drawings for the stock parts that are in that assembly? All those stock parts are in seperate drawings.
      I've taken a quick look at TASK, but haven't found an option so far.

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          Elmar Klammer

          If your stock parts are marked in any way then you can filter them out with advanced select.

          The add-in PAC4SWX allows printing of drawings with a "read-only" setting to physical or virtual printers (pdf).

          The drawing open & print as fast as image files since the drawing itself is not rebuild prior to printing.

          Standard files or files that are known to be saved in good standings can be printed lightening fast that way.