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API to change face color of faces inside split line cut

Question asked by Joe Pickens on Nov 21, 2016

This is what i am trying to do. I am essentially trying to mark parts that have be Obsoleted so they are extremely obvious. What i am trying to do now is to add a big text decal on the part stating it is obsoleted by ... so if someone inserts it into there assembly they can see in big plane letter that the part is obsolete.

what i am trying to do to accomplish this it i go to the face of the part and create a sketch and wright a text linked to a custom property that states obsolete. Then I use split line to emboss it into the part (The reason i do not use wrap i due to it fails due to hole features on the surface.) and then i want to fill the letters in red.


Is there a way for me to wright an API to color in the letters for me. so i get a result like this.