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    Will textures move when animating?

    Bill Toft

      A while back I did an animation in SW2014 to show rubber joint movement. I used PhotoView 360 to do a frame-by-frame rendering, then combined the frames into a video. I have attached it to demonstrate that the rubber appearance looks fixed in place, with the SW model moving "behind' it. Not very realistic!


      I want to update this animation in SW2017 and then render the animation in Visualize Professional 2017.

      But before I start, I want to find out if Visualize will actually "move" the appearance to match changes in the model?

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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Bill,


          Visualize does not support mesh deformations at this time. I'm not exactly sure how you created this in SW, whether it was actual geometry deforming, or if you 'pieced' it together by adjusting each frame.


          If it was the latter, then you could do this in Visualize right now, by using the CAD Live-Update between SW CAD and Visualize. You would have to make the change to your SW CAD geometry, then save over the file, the go back into Visualize and render the next still frame. Since this is a 4 second long movie, you would need to repeat this process 120 times to hit the necessary 30 frames per second. Tedious, but this workflow is currently supported in Visualize.


          The more up-votes we get for mesh deformation in Visualize, or for importing SW simulations, the faster we can start developing these more professional level workflows.

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              Bill Toft

              Hi Brian,

              This was done as an assembly. I modeled the end parts as constant sizes, then used distance mates to adjust the movement of the right-hand parts. The middle part of the rubber joint is 2 surface lofts (front & back) that are knitted together (as an in-context part). In SW Animation Motion Study, I have different distance mate numbers at the start and at the end, then let SW update the middle joint curve geometry over time.

              I saved the animation as a series of .BMP files with PhotoView as the renderer. The problem is that the PhotoView appearance is projected "straight" and does not rotate/bend with the model.


              So I think you are saying CAD Live-Update would work?

              If so, I could I test it by pausing the SW animation at say 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4 second points, then transferring over?

              Or do I need to adjust the distance mates in SW itself? If so I would probably create a design table with configurations for "0sec, 1sec, 2sec" etc. and set the dimensions there.

              Would Visualize then interpolate the 30 movements between those time intervals?


              Also, I don't think I need "mesh deformation" as long as the "rubber" appearance can be mapped to follow the center axis of the tube. If that is possible, then I assume that Visualize will re-apply the appearance each time the model gets imported?