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simulation premium 2016 workstation configuration

Question asked by Horacio Adame on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by Horacio Adame

Hi everybody,

I need your advice; in my company will be a design and simulation department for the first time. There in no one expert in this area, new people will be hire but we need the equipment ready for them. I am in charge to buy two pc workstation with SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION PREMIUM, the project is for design PET bottles and simulation for collapse the bottles and see how they crash in different ways.


I did some research and these are the main points that I need your advice with:

  1. 1.- SOLIDWORKS simulation premium is more CPU than GPU.
  2. 2.-It is more multicore than single core but no more that 8 or 10 cores, more cores reduce performance.
  3. 3.- Is better SINGLE processor than DUAL processor system.


The budget is $14,500.00 USD before taxes for each workstation, so there is enough money for parts.


Based on this info I got a quotation from AVADIRECT:


-Motherboard ASUS rampage V edition 10.

-Processor INTEL i7 6950x 10 cores, with multiple overclocking profiles.

-RAM 64GB Corsair 3333MHz with fans included.

-1TB Samsung 960 PRO M.2 SSD, 3500/2100 MB/S, for master hard drive (applications only).

-2TB Intel P3600, 2600/1700 MB/S (solidworks active files).

-4 x 8TB Seagate Enterprise 7200RPM in RAID 10 (solidworks inactive files and other files).

-1,500 Watts corsair 80 Plus Titanium power supply.


Here is the real problem, what could be the Graphic Card?

Because the main work will be for the CPU, what GPU do I need?

The  NVIDIA QUADRO P6000 24GB will give me a big difference in performance versus a QUADRO M4000 8GB that is like $4,000.00 less expensive?


Or what card do you recommend me and why?


Thanks for the help guys!