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Video Tutorials - What would you like?

Question asked by Luke Malpass on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2017 by Luke Malpass

Hi guys,


It's been a few years since I disappeared from the forums, and still to this day I get 10s to hundreds of emails a week on SolidWorks API questions, BatchProcess and general software questions, which I reply to and still help out as much as I can.


Long story short, I setup a few companys that took off very well and consumed my time. I am still growing a company thats taking up 99% of my time, but with the 1% I am now getting free, I've starting making videos of software tutorials.


I'm currently doing general C# videos (C# Programming Tutorials: Beginners - YouTube ), and then I would like to move into intermediate C# videos as well as start SolidWorks API tutorial videos.


I plan to create a C# open-source API for the crappy SolidWorks interop dll's that wraps them up and makes them work as expected, easy to use and fully documented with video tutorials of them.


My question is, when I get around to those videos shortly, what content would you like to see? I'll basically take the highest suggestions first, and work my way through. The overall goal is I will have tutorial videos for everything in the entire API over time, and it will all be open source and free to use for any purpose, but I want to start with whatever people are trying to do in the API the most, or what would be the most useful/popular to the community?