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Not sure why Route Cable in Solidworks Electrical 3D gives warning "No valid path found"

Question asked by Ming Chen Lin on Nov 19, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by Evan Stanek

I am try to use the Route Cable function in Solidworks Electrical 3D. Everytime I route the cable it gives me this warning:


No valid path found, 1 warning

Between "EwCable@CAN1|2822 <-> Isec_0_0@CAN1|2822 <-> Isec_1_0@CAN1|2822 <-> Isec_2_0@CAN1|2822 <-> Isec_3_0@CAN1|2822 <-> Isec_4_0@CAN1|2822 <-> Isec_5_0@CAN1|2822 <-> Isec_6_0@CAN1|2822 <-> Isec_7_0@CAN1|2822" and "EwCable@CAN2|2833 <-> Isec_0_0@CAN2|2833 <-> Isec_1_0@CAN2|2833 <-> Isec_2_0@CAN2|2833 <-> Isec_3_0@CAN2|2833 <-> Isec_4_0@CAN2|2833 <-> Isec_5_0@CAN2|2833 <-> Isec_6_0@CAN2|2833 <-> Isec_7_0@CAN2|2833"


To give some context, I have two connectors CAN1 and CAN2, each with 8 pins and thus 8 C-points each, and one cable with two conductor cores, one green and one yellow. The warning doesn't stop prevent the cable from getting generated, but I have three main concerns:

  1. The warning suggests me to use preview to inspect the error. This generates two sketches "NotFoundFrom" and "NotFoundSegregated" which I posted as Fig1. and Fig 2. below. Can someone explain to me what these sketches are trying to tell me?
  2. To me the warning is suggest that there is no invalid path between CAN1 pins and CAN2 pins, but my cable still got generated. Does that mean Solidworks did find a path? Or maybe I am misinterpreting the warning message.
  3. To me it seems like the generated cable is working as intended. I don't see anything wrong with the cable model even though Solidworks is giving me a warning. Can anyone identify what is wrong with my cable?



Fig 1. NotFoundFrom sketch is selected and highlighted in blue. It points from the connector c-points to the pin c-points on CAN1.



Fig 2. NotFoundSegregated sketch is selected and highlighted in blue. It points from the connector c-points to the pin c-points on CAN2.



Fig 3: Two conductor cores are routed to the correct pins on the connector. The generated cable looks functional to me.


I will gladly provide more information and screenshots upon request. This is my first time using Solidworks Electrical and Solidworks Electrical 3D.