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Difference between wire, cable and harness

Question asked by Ming Chen Lin on Nov 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by Andy Beckel

I am having trouble differentiating between wire, cable and harness.

To provide some context, my ultimate goal is to create automotive harnesses from Solidworks Electrical and use it in Solidworks Electrical 3D.


Here are a few keys points I am unsure about:

  1. Is cable just a collection of wires?
  2. When I use Route Cable and Route Harness in Solidworks Electrical, the resulting Cable/Harness 3D models look identical to me. However, in this case I only included cables in my harness and without any other type of components (e.g. connectors). So would Route Harness be the same as Route Cable if I only have cables in the harness?
  3. To continue the discussion on cables and harness from point 2, is it possible to flatten a cable like you flatten a harness?
  4. Let me know if there are any other key differences you see between wire, cable, and harness that I should be aware of.