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Macro to save DWG with scale 1:1

Question asked by Claudio Stammitti on Nov 17, 2016

Hello there,


I'd like to know how to include in the macro attached, the option to force the save as DXF (or DWG file) using a scale 1:1. As you can see in the picture you can do that manually in the options from the save as dialog box of SolidWorks, and my dimensions and flat pattern would export great in a 1:1 real size, whereas with the macro it takes into consideration the default scale from the sheet, which usually is 1:5 or something like that.


I tried a workaround that the template would have by default a sheet scale of 1:1, though it means that at the time of creating the first view on the drawing I'll have to change the view, it's not big deal, but I'd like a more consistent method.



Please let me know your comments, thanks