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    Problem getting part to mesh

    Babak Shei



      I've been trying to run a quick simulation, but have not have been able to get this part to mesh. I can say that it has something to do with the center links of the frame because when I remove them, then the meshing works fine. But I can't find the source.of the problem. (I also have no access to any failure diagnostics)


      Part is attached.



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          Siavash Khajehhasani


          Anyway... I just ran it with SimXpress and all your settings and it worked well...

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              Babak Shei

              Whats wrong with SimXpress?


              So then how could I be getting a failure? could it be a computer performance issue? I've done more complex shapes before.


              And SimXpress is the only option I have.

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                Babak Shei

                But Thank you for checking. Means that at least there's some hope.

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                    Siavash Khajehhasani

                    Below are some points to clarify why not SimXpress and why Simulation module?

                    1) SimXpress is not supported for assemblies, while Simulation is capable of performing FEA analysis for any complex assemblies.

                    2) Only one type of fixture is available in SimXpress (Fixed Geometry), while user have access to wide varieties of fixtures is Simulation such as Fixed Geometry, Roller Slider, Fixed Hinge, Elastic Support, Bearing Fixture, Foundation Bolt, Symmetry, Cyclic Symmetry, Reference Geometry and etc.

                    3) In SimXpress, only Force and Pressure can be defined as external loads, whereas in Simulation, user is able to define other external loads to have better representation of reality such as Force, Torque, Pressure, Gravity, Centrifugal Load, Bearing Load, Temperature Load, and Prescribed Displacement.

                    4) There are also some huge time saver options available in Simulation, wherein they are not available in SimXpress. For instance, Remote Load/Mass and Distributed Mass functions as the external loads.

                    5) Another noticeable time saver functions only available in Simulation are Shell and Beam elements, wherein the simulation run-time can be reduced by about 90% in some cases.

                    6) The only type of meshing technique available in SimXpress is the Standard type, wherein in Simulation, user have access to two powerful mesh options namely Curvature-based and Blended Curvature-based Meshes. Furthermore, the advanced options for meshing in SimXpress tool are not accessible for the user. For instance, Mesh Controls are not available in SimXpress which limits the ability to focus on a particular region of interest. Overall, the use’s control on meshing procedure is very limited.

                    7) The prost-processing is extremely limited in SimXpress (cannot prob, section clip, etc)

                    8) The optimization version available in SimXpress tool has very limited options, however, user can perform in-depth and detailed optimization analysis in Simulation.