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    Free Moldflow type software 2016?

    Chris B.

      Hey all.


      Remembering back to when there was an Xpress version of Moldflow in Solidworks.

      Obviously that's long gone.

      But are there any other similar free options available these days?



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          Christian Chu

          yes, I remember back in 2007 and am afraid none now

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            Chris B.

            There's none bundled with SolidWorks.

            But is there any free lite version software anywhere else?

            That would do similar to what Moldflow Xpress used to do?

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              Alessandro Tornincasa

              In 2008 SOLIDWORKS stopped offering MoldFlow Express because Autodesk acquired MoldFlow.

              From 2008 to 2013 SOLIDWORKS partnered with Simpoe which offered a free version for SOLIDWORKS called Simpoe Xpress which allowed only One injection point, had only shell mesh and a limited polymer database.

              In 2014 DASSAULT Systèmes acquired Simpoe, and SOLIDWORKS started offering it's own solution for injection molding simulation called SOLIDWORKS Plastics. At this point Simpoe Xpress was retired.


              Autodesk doesen't offer a free MoldFlow version, I don't see why SOLIDWORKS should do. Moreover Xpress version is too limited.

              I would recommend having a look at SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard which is the ideal solution to analize mold filling phase.

              Are you a University student ? If so, your institution will have SOLIDWORKS Education Edition which gives you possibility to download a full SOLIDWORKS Education licenze with full simulation capabilities, including SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium (the most powerful version).