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    The Selected Mate could not be successfully added...

    John Wayman

      Am I missing something?

      Is there some justifiable benefit to be gained by Solidworks telling me that it can't do the mate I have specified, then doing it anyway, despite the fact I clicked 'No, I would not like to force this mate to solve'.

      Why is it not 'Yes' means it forces the mate in there and turns everything that fetching shade of red and 'No' means it quietly forgets the whole thing so I can correct my schoolboy error and create the mate I wanted to.

      Or is there some magic button that turns off the 'Well, I don't care, I'm going to create the mate anyway, just to make you look even more stupid!' behaviour.

      Maybe there is something good about the current behaviour, but I can't find it. Is it a work-flow thing, perhaps?

      If I make a mistake in my mate definition, I want to say 'No, I'll start again.', not 'No, I know I got it wrong, but bung something roughly like it in anyway and I'll come back and delete it later.'


      I'd love it if someone would tell me to change a setting and it would do what I expected. Or I would love it if someone would tell me what I am not understanding, that makes it desirable to what it does.



      SW2016, SP5.