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    How to Turn a Sketch into an Extrusion?

    Colin Warn

      Been going through the intro tutorials, yet I'm running into this problem when I'm trying to turn a circle I've sketched into an extrusion.


      Sometimes when I hit "exit sketch" the property manager pops up:  Allowing me to change my sketches' depth.

      Other times nothing pops up, with zero hints as to how I can reselect the object to extrude it.



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          Christian Chu

          not sure to follow your question

          By the way, when you exit the sketch, you need to use extrude feature to extrude your sketch


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            Glenn Schroeder

            I'm glad you figured it out, but I wanted to point out that if you select a Plane, then the Extrude-Boss function, SW will start a sketch on the selected plane.  When you exit the sketch it will immediately take you to the Extrude-Boss Property Manager for you to set your options.  This is the workflow I use.

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              Chris Mackedanz

              As Glenn stated if you FIRST start an extrude-boss or extrude-cut (or really any of those commands), which needs a sketch in order to operate, SolidWorks knows that it needs a sketch and takes you directly into sketch, first asking what plane or face to sketch on.  When you exit this sketch it goes directly into the feature property dialog where you can input direction, draft, distance, and other options.


              If you escape out of this dialog, I believe SolidWorks takes you back into the sketch.  If you close the sketch, and then hit extrude-boss, SolidWorks then asks you to select a face or plane and will start a new sketch.  Note I believe if you have the sketch visible still and click on a line then it will use that line, loop technically if it forms a closed loop, to do the feature with.  If you have are trying to make a tube, and only click on the outer circle, then you will get a solid shaft instead of hollow tube.


              However if you select the sketch from the feature manager tree BEFORE starting the extrude command then it selects the entire sketch and you will get your hollow tube.


              I believe you can still select all of the individual "loops" if you don't pre select the sketch in the feature manager tree, it's just a little more annoying.


              Note, I'm still using SW2014 here, so this behavior might have changed slightly in newer versions.