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Practical approach to steel constructions in Solid Works - analysis

Question asked by Grzegorz Janisz on Nov 16, 2016

Hi Everyone!


Hope you're doing fine.


I read this forum pretty often and I find answers almost everytime. There are a lot of experienced engineerins, and constructors and I wanted to say huge Thank to All of You.

I'I don't have that long experience and I just wanted to ask you how do you design steel constructions with Solid Works?

I mean I know how to make model with "structures" etc, but how do you analyze model according to eurocode? What are steps to make it strong and stable? How does it looks like in practice to make it correctly and efficiently? Do you use beam or you change model to surface?

Would you calculate all of weld beads and all of bolts or in practice you use come coeficients to make sure that connections are ok and you don't have to prepare exact model.


Waiting for as many advices as possible.

Thank you!