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project plane, axis, or center point onto sketch

Question asked by David Shealey on Nov 16, 2016
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My company is an Inventor user, but we are now using SolidWorks (2015) to work on a project in conjunction with another company.  We thought this would be great, but surprisingly finding a lot of basic things that Inventor seemingly does better!  Big surprise to me, as I have never been a fan of Autodesk. Inventor is sure looking better to me now though.


I am trying to make a sketch on a surface of a part, and get the perpendicular origin plane, origin center, or origin axes "projected" onto the sketch.  This is a basic function in Inventor, but I cannot find a way to do it in SW.  "Convert" only does a fraction of what "Project" does in Inventor. I am really surprised that convert will not work on planes, axes, or origin points!


I have also tried drawing a center line, starting it from the highlighted "center point" of a converted line from the part.  It does not develop a relationship, like the automatic "constraint" in Inventor that keeps it there.  I tried putting a point on the "center point" of the line, it also does not lock into position like it does in Inventor.  I have spent a couple hours researching, reading, and trying things to no avail.


I have to be missing something in SW, as it CANNOT be that hard to develop a basic fixed starting point in a sketch relative to a feature on the part or the origin system of that part.


Please tell me I am missing something very basic.