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SW2016-17 "Invalid arguement" when opening a file from SW2015-16 then locks up.

Question asked by Matthew Bridge on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Matthew Bridge

Afternoon all.

We recently upgraded all the workstations here at the college, We uninstalled the previous version then put version 16-17 onto the machines.

one problem that's just reared its head is the "Invalid argument" when I open the files I was teaching from last year. It then hangs SW and I have to end process it away.


I have purged my temp folder as one forum member suggests but I am at a loss as to what's gone wrong here.


I notice that the latest version doesn't allow you to have intersecting drilled holes and I wondered if that was one issue... "Zero thickness"?


If someone can help I would appreciate it - I have no Admin rights here either...




Matthew Bridge.