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Moving a folder from one vault to another

Question asked by Shan Lentine on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Shan Lentine

We are in the process of acquiring a company who uses Workgroup PDM.  We have run into an issue while trying to acquire the intellectual property.  They have two vaults that they kept their data in.  One vault (I will call this one Vault 1) we took possession of and the other vault stays with the former parent company (I will call this Vault 2).  Here is where the problem lies, we need a copy of one of the folders inside Vault 2.  To complicate matters, we no longer have access to Vault 2 to do any kind of migration from Vault 2.  When asked for the files, the former parent company provided just a folder with a bunch of SolidWorks documents in it.  The question I have is, what are my options for making these files available again for the users?  The only thing included that looks like it might be vault information is a .xlsx that looks like a report run on the vault right before the files were copied out.